A Really Good Week

June 11, 2017 by NJPainter

A really good week, in 5 easy steps:

  1. Hire a really sweet local photographer to come shoot everything you’ve painted.
    -Realize how much more amazing everything looks when it’s shot by a real photographer, with a real camera, and thoughtful lighting.
    -Immediately throw out all the photos you tried to take yourself and update entire online presence.


    example A

  2. Learn a most-important life lesson: the universe is just a bunch of doors and our only job is to keep our chin up and fly through them.
    -Set this into motion by filming a LIVE interview & paint sessions with Refinery 29. A site I visit. Often. And wait for the view count to hit 12,000+
  3. Make and sell that same jacket within 24 hours (!!!)


    Vintage leather Wonder Woman “cape” – complete with star “cuffs” (SOLD)

  4. And then! Teach yourself how to paint a totally new kind of flower!


    See those roses? I didn’t know how to do those before this week. That’s a very satisfying thing to check off my list.

  5. Spend the entirety of Saturday AND Sunday on the deck. Because it’s finally WARM & SUNNY and I’ve been waiting all spring to do just that.