Eat Your Words, Bienvenue

August 30, 2016 by NJPainter

Just as I put all my feelings to paper (blog) about kids, we embarked on a weekend with my family at the cabin in the heart of Wisconsin.




Enter my niece Isla; 3 years old, sharp, hilarious and literally always moving. A ball of hair with a personality to match.





She totally transfixed the attention of 6 adults for 3 days. We played “tag” (an unclear concept with a 3 year old), spun in circles, read the same book over and over and over again, went for walks down the driveway and looked through the “noculars.” We learned that she loves baths but hates admitting that she has use the toilet. We got dirty, made fires, ate cheese curds, and sniffed around the antique stores in the next town which, for the record, toddlers are not interested in doing. She called out for us (Titi Ren & Uncle Baby), to play with her and throw her in the air approximately 90% of the weekend.



What I haven’t even mentioned yet is that there were two kids! Adorable, red-headed baby Stella, who will be 1 soon but was so quiet, self-contained and seemingly still, that you’d almost forget was there.


B & I left on Sunday, exhausted and saying to each other “I honestly don’t know how they do it.”

Now it’s Tuesday. We’ve had two nights of HARD sleep and looking through photos from the weekend, all I can think is: I miss Isla!

This weekend I learned how weird it is to genuinely enjoy the presence of someone who lacks real empathy, bosses you around and sometimes pees on the floor.

What a strange thing these little human beings are. Making their way under your skin and pushing you to the edge of patience and energy, all the while silently winning you over like the sucker you are.

Smooth move, little charmer. Smooth move.