Farewell, Carroll Gardens

August 26, 2015 by NJPainter

About two weeks into dating, Barry and I snuck out of work early to go see Wilco play at the Prospect Park Bandshell. We arrived early enough to walk around Park Slope’s gorgeous, quiet, brownstone-lined streets on a hot summer’s evening and joked ‘We should live here together!’

At the time, I lived between an abandoned building (i.e. crack house) and a Halal meat market on 115th Street. It held a different kind of charm.

A year later we were packing it up for Carroll Gardens – another pin on Brooklyn’s map of lovely tree-lined, 1800s brownstones with slate sidewalks and adorable nooks.

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Carroll Gardens is a movie set. Zoey and I have spent many, many hours sniffing around these parts. We sure will miss it.

If you are ever planning a visit, here are some of our favorite spots:
Dessert – Brooklyn Farmacy
Homemade ice cream sandwiches, sundaes of all kinds, red velvet Twinkies, fresh soda jerks!

Pizza – Lucali’s
People (and when I pay ‘people,’ I mean we) have waited 4 hours for this pizza. Part of me wants to say that no food is worth 4 hours of waiting. But the other part of me wants to tell you that I have never, ever been disappointed by the light, doughy, fresh pie this place serves.

Takeout – Ghang Thai
The store front of this place looks like nothing special but MAN-O-MAN their fried udon noodles are good. We ordered from here at least once a week.

Bodega – I think the proper name of this place is First Place Provisions, but we always just called it “Coffee & Beer”…the essentials of life. It’s open all hours of the night, has THE BEST selection of ice cream in NYC and the Indian guy behind the counter knows my coffee order by heart: iced with almond milk. You can’t put a value on that.

Baked goods: Mazzola’s
A solid old-timer bakery that wafts fresh bread scent into the street and makes something called lard bread that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Music – The Jalopy Theater
This is probably one of those things we will say we didn’t do enough, but every time we did go, we loved it. Great folk and bluegrass (almost) every night.

We have loved our time in Brooklyn, but we’re excited about our new neighborhood too.
Smell ya later, BK!