Maui, HI (Bienveberg Honeymoon Part 1)

September 21, 2015 by NJPainter

When we told people that we were honeymooning in Hawaii; a week in Maui and a week in Kauai, so many of them said, “Oh you’re going to love Kauai.”

We considered cutting Maui short or even skipping it altogether but I’m so glad we didn’t because MAUI IS AWESOME, Y’ALL. Kauai is awesome too, but that’s for the next post.

Maui is so great that it makes you forget about all the flying you endured to get there. And let me tell you, a 12+ hour trip with a 6 hour time difference is brutal.

But we adjusted quickly. It feels like you’ve discovered the secret to the way life should be lived; carefree, full of sunshine, morning yoga on the beach followed by a swim, lots of hiking, a fish-based diet and an early bedtime. I felt my shoulders relax more than I have in a long time on this trip.

And it’s a fascinating place! It smells so unique; sort of like the humid southern states mixed with sweeter florals and volcanic ash. Did you know that Hawaii is the most isolated set islands on earth? It’s further from another landmass than Bora Bora or Easter Island or any of those other remote places you’re thinking of. It’s also the only state that is currently growing. Volcanoes are the coolest.

Anyways, we landed in the middle of the night and woke up to this:


We stayed in Paia the first night, a little town on the north shore, about 15 minutes from the airport that I would wholeheartedly recommend at least driving through. The shops are cute, there are several great restaurants and it’s filled with attractive, tan surfer people.



After swinging by the Lao Valley State Park we headed to the Andaz in Wailea where we really slipped right into vacay mode. This was the perfect hotel for us; it was brand new, mostly adults and they really left all that cheesy Hawaiian luau / fake grotto/watered-down Mai Tai stuff at the door. It was super sleek but not stuffy and the pool side drink menu was excellent.
20938691620_1b5dd33b89_o  21284561130_9aa895f981_o

On day 2 we drove up to the top of the Haleakala Crater to watch the sunset and partake in an astronomy tour which was – nerd alert – so cool. It was sort of like landing on Mars and seeing the sky from space. (Also, it was about 40 degrees by the time the sun set, in case you’re wondering why we’re bundled up).

20931092800_9168344d76_o  21284069538_817af34b0e_o


20927156438_9bf20dbb93_o 20494008093_35db4db894_o

20493943273_ba908b04b1_o 20849957654_0779cbfde1_o

We had a few extra days of poolside lounging (rough)…
20505703003_fa8045e547_o 21284867589_71005fc608_o

And then we popped the top off our Jeep and embarked on the infamous Road to Hana!
As we were warned, it was full of cliff-drop hairpin turns, but so much fun. We essentially spent the day trapped in a car commercial…

21461572712_5c64a397ba_o  21185586272_7f54e93834_o

We stopped at the Twin Falls farm stand (mile marker 2), got some sugar cane juice and swam under it’s falls:
image1  21472605495_c2e7f62840_o


Hiked around the Waikamoi Ridge Trail (mile marker 9.5):
20851505633_ca8e03a74d_o  21443014646_3192dc63bb_o



Pit stopped at the Wailua Valley State Wayside:
20851506503_e2a7af1e35_o21195773515_454e220efd_oDid a drive by at Three Bear Falls:

And ended at the Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach (which was closed for swimming due to high tide – but stunning none the less):


You get the idea… it was spectacular day!


We opted to actually stay in Hana for our last two days in Maui, which we learned was not a common thing people do. I just couldn’t imagine driving that road TWICE in one day. Plus, there was a few fun spots on the east coast of the island that we wanted to explore. It’s a really small town so the dinner options weren’t so great but our B&B was excellent:
Despite this (terrifying) neighbor who set up shop right outside the bedroom window:

On day 6 we hiked the Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park which was FULL of wonderful (dangerous?) twists and turns like this enormous climbing tree, a bamboo forest, two huge waterfalls and natural pools to swim in!

21282267069_6e7494e61a_o 21468630595_c8000319f3_o


IMG_6006 21284858339_ed9735f7e3_o




And on the very last day in Maui – when we had to drive the road from Hana, back to the airport to catch a flight to Kauai – we found this secret little red sand beach down a narrow mountainside trail that Barry loved so much. We both wished we could have brought a picnic and spent the day swimming around here.

    barry red sand beach   barry red sand beach 2



It has to be said, we had gotten really good at capturing BARRY + LAURÉN + LANDSCAPE selfies by this point (this is Ho’okipa Beach Park).


The week seemed to fly by but you know what cures the blues from your week in Maui ending? A week in Kauai ahead! Stay tuned.


* Paia Inn

21134659891_12a3e959e2_o 21116755812_50fc1e9bb3_o
* Andaz at Maui
* Hana Guesthouse

* Anthony’s Coffee in Paia (where we learned what an Acai bowl is)

21100691956_762c658b47_o 20939019528_7cd218fdd0_o
* Paia Bay Coffee
* Morimoto (inside the Andaz hotel)
* Ka’ana Kitchen (inside the Andaz hotel)
* Mama’s Fish House

* Lao Valley State Park
* Maui Stargazing
* The Road to Hana
* Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park / Seven Sacred Pools
* Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach in Hana