Below is a sample of my hand-painted work on leather.

These designs are done by hand, completely original and all one-of-a-kind.

Customized Jacket for TyDolla $, Stoli Campaign
Schott flat lay
Hand-Painted Snake & Sword Vintage Leather Fringe Jacket
Hand-Painted Vintage Harley Biker Vest
Hand-Painted Vintage Leather Star Motorcycle Jacket
Hand-Painted 'Forever' Wedding Jacket
Hand-Painted Rose Gold Givenchy Biker Jacket
Hand-Painted Schott Perfecto 2
Hand-Painted Schott Perfecto 1
'Til Death' Erin
Hand-Painted Schott Perfecto 3
Hand-Painted Sailor Jerry Wesley Orion Vintage Jacket
Hand-Painted Vintage Kids Star Jacket
Hand-Painted Louis Vuitton Luggage // FBGM
Hand-Lettered Wedding Jacket // Mrs. Moody
Hand-Lettered Engagement Jacket // Mrs. Vouts
Hoboken Bride Custom Jacket
Hand-Painted Wifey Wedding Jacket
Hand-Painted Bridal Rose Jacket
Custom Kiehl's Jacket
Hand-Painted Kiehl's Branded Pouches, Calendula Skincare Product Launch
Hand-Painted Vintage Leather Black & White Fringe Jacket
Hand-Painted Vintage Leather Flame Dress
Hand-Painted Custom Leather Luggage Tag
Bride + Rebel Alliance Bridesmaid
Hand-Painted Blue Watercolors on Vintage Biker
Hand-Painted Bolts on Red Vintage Leather
Mrs. O'Brien Custom Wedding Jacket
Mrs. Carvalho Custom Wedding Jacket
Custom 'Til Death' Flower Skull on White Leather
The Hair Room, Custom Denim
Mrs Braun, Hand-Painted Wedding Jacket
Made to Order All Over Hearts Jacket
Made to Order Magic Garden Sleeve Jacket
Made to Order Watercolor Jacket
Made to Order Tapestry Cuff Jacket
Mrs Jacket / Madison Neumann Photography
Erin Wedding
Hand-Painted Leather for Ty Dolla $, Stoli campaign
Hand-Painted Denim Jackets for Philosophy
Hand-Painted Envelope All of the Abovely envelope wallets
Hand-Painted Envelope Wallets
Hand-Painted Trays for All of the Abovely (2)
Hand-Painted Trays for All of the Abovely
Ride or Die 1
Custom Palm
Mr and Mrs Smith
Mrs. Justiani
I've been a miner for a heart of gold front
Miner for a heart of gold back
Mrs Perez 2
Mrs Perez 1
Ride or Die 3
Ride or Die 2
Boss Bitch
Your Marvelous Garden Sleeve
Moody Magic Garden Sleeve
Groovy Flowers on Brown Belted Blazer
Mrs True Romance 1
Sugar Skull
Four Rose Sleeve
Harley Davidson Flower Wings
White Roses
Harley Davidson Flame Patch with Pink Flowers
Fringe Jacket with Red Flower Cuffs
Samsonite Hippie Car Coat
Pink Punk AF Anatalie
Pink Roses front
Pink Roses
Cow skull with Flower Crown
Evil Eye
Brown leather succulent
Otomi back
Otomi front
Calavera Roses close-up
Calavera Roses
Pink Leather Garden Skull
Red Leather White Roses
Middle Finger
Yellow Roses
Fox Fur Car Coat
Pink Skeleton Cavity with Flower Heart
Blue Peacock
Red Poppies
Pink Peonies front
Pink Peonies Back
Line Drawing Sunset
My Aim is True
Rifle bouquet
Mod Blossoms
Flowers and Stripes 2
Flowers and Stripes 1
Moody Oh la la
Daisy Cuffs on Pink
Blue Blossoms Back
Blue Blossoms front
Heart Elbow
Bee's Knees pink flower
Magnolias & Camellias
Rainbow Local Legend
Tapestry sleeves 2
Tapestry sleeves 1
Frye Daisy Peace Sign
Desert Succulents on Grey
Harley Davidson pink blossoms
Carmella Girl Boss
Hippie Heart Gypsy Soul
Pink Rose on Moto
Backwoods Barbie
Green palms on white