“What’s your first day like?”

May 1, 2017 by NJPainter

Think I’m leisurely strolling to yoga with a cold brew in hand?
No no no no y’all

I have a few awesome things coming up that I want to share with you —


Refinery 29 (yes that Refinery 29!) caught wind of my little Etsy shop via a co-worker and they are interested in covering my work. (!!!!) I am scheduled to film a Facebook live segment with them next week – I have no idea what the format is, what I will be painting or what time its happening but mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 9 and I’ll let you know more as soon as I do.

Secondly, I’m a vendor at ChicpeaJC’s 3rd Anniversary party.
ChicpeaJC is the blog I’ve been writing for since we moved to Jersey City. I stumbled on it by googling “What’s going on in Jersey City this weekend?” and it’s the best local resource for events / openings / small business stories and creative features. She started from nothing three years ago and now it’s time to celebrate with 400 locals and the mayor.
Look for me by the vendor tables and on instagram.

And that’s just the first two weeks!

But I need something from you.
I need you to talk about me incessantly.

Do you have any friends that are getting married? It’s very cool to have your new last name hand-lettered on the back of a jacket and I can do that. Send them to me.

Same goes for bar/bat mitzvah and sweet 16-ers or really anyone looking for a personalized jacket or leather accessory. Send them to me!

Are you in need of a unique children’s gift? Yes, I do those, send them to me.

Have you recently found yourself in the midst of a conversation with a co-worker about major life shifts, big leaps, total left turns or small businesses? Bring my name up and send them to me.

Do you know someone who is ardently devoted to shopping small and buying hand-made? Send them to me (even if you’re pretty sure they don’t wear leather).

Do you know someone who writes for a women’s interests / lifestyle / creative design / magazine or website? Please, for the love of God, send them to me.

Do you know someone in Jersey City that I don’t know? Tell them about the local above events and send them to me!
It takes a village and I need your help.