October 12, 2017 by NJPainter

The Qs I get asked all the time and the As to each one of them:

What kind of paint do you use?
Angelus Leather Paint. It’s an acrylic based paint that won’t crack or smudge but will wear with your leather as it ages.

Where do you sell these jackets?
Via my Etsy store and at pop-up shops & festivals, which are always announced on my social media pages (Instagram & Facebook).

How much are your jackets?
Each jacket varies depending on intricacy of design and cost of original jacket, but generally everything is priced between $150-$400.

How long does it take to paint each one?
This also varies depending on design and color (some colors like white or yellow need many, many coats of paint so they’re not opaque), but my average paint time is about 6 hours per jacket.

Where do you find your jackets?
I scour the internet, source items from markets and prey on good leads from friends!

Is everything real leather?
Everything you see in my Etsy shop is 100% genuine leather. I do come across faux pieces that I can’t resist from time to time, but they will always be clearly labeled.

Can I wear these jackets in the rain? 
Well, I wouldn’t wear any leather jacket in the rain. But don’t worry, the paint won’t melt off or wear any more quickly if it gets a little wet.

How do I clean it? 
A damp cloth will clean the outside (don’t scrub too hard , use an abrasive sponge or pick at the paint though). A good trick I’ve come across for jackets whose lining needs to be refreshed is to turn the entire jacket inside out, spray it with some Febreeze and a little vodka (you read that right) and leave it in the sunshine for a bit. This does wonders for lingering odors.

Do you paint men’s jackets? 
I don’t keep men’s jackets in stock but I certainly would paint men’s jackets, it just has to be a custom order. Which leads me to….

Do you do custom?
YES! You have to provide the jacket but I can build off of anything you see in the Etsy shop or we can dream up something completely unique and custom to you.

This is perfect for if you see a design that you like, but the jacket isn’t in your size. Or, if you’re looking for something uber customized with your name/ company logo / favorite song lyric / or anything else I wouldn’t normally be painting on it!

I do jackets for weddings, birthday parties, bar & bat mitzvahs, sports teams, etc etc etc.

Pricing depends on design but starts at $150.
It currently takes about 10 business days to get a jacket painted and back out in the mail to you.

Can you paint on faux leather?
Yes! I believe the paint adheres better to genuine leather but I can absolutely do faux leather.

Do you paint on anything besides jackets? 
Sure! My focus is jackets because I believe my new, growing brand needs consistency. But! I do vintage clutches, am looking at expanding into wallets for the holiday season and have a new stack of vintage paint-by-numbers waiting to be painted on, just for fun. These extra items are not stocked in the Etsy shop. They can only be found on my social media pages and in person at pop-ups and festivals.


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