I screwed up.

July 9, 2017 by NJPainter

Notice that there aren’t any photos on the blog anymore?

It’s because I was running out of storage space on my domain account. So I thought I’d clear my image library to make some room. Well… when you do that, there is no place to host the files. And so they all disappear from your blog posts. All of them.

Told ya.
I screwed up, big time.

I’ve been avoiding dealing it. I sign onto the blog, exhale loudly, and close the page.

I deleted posts that took hours to write. Posts whose most interesting parts were the photos (ahem… our honeymoon… the trip to Paris with my mom…)

In the small-stakes world of personal blogging… it’s devastating.

My other issue is: the blog is no longer the focal point of onceuponalauren.com. The business is! And that’s a good thing. So the the blog is technically moving to a different URL (onceuponalaurenblog.wordpress.com) but you’ll still be able to access it via the “BLOG” link on onceuponalauren.com

I’ll be re-populating all old blog posts here and adding new ones as well.
So this is just a post to say: stay with me! I screwed up. But I’ll make it right.