Self-Confidence: Level 3000

February 16, 2017 by NJPainter

I let a little cat out of the bag last week with the project I’d been secretly working on but I was not prepared for the overwhelming response I received.

People were so nice. And supportive and encouraging and genuinely excited for me. People I haven’t talked to in years. People I barely know. People I know but didn’t really think would be interested. People at my very corporate job who said “what are you doing here?”

Lesson learned: Put yourself out there and the world will conspire to back you up.


The Galentine’s Day sip & shop event at The Hair Room was a little dampened by the all-day sleet… so we didn’t get a ton of people wandering in. But! It was so fun to get my act together and set up shop. Meeting other ladies in Jersey City with creative businesses and seeing complete strangers want to try my jackets on was pretty phenomenal. And the questions I got were so enlightening! Lots of inquiries about kids jackets. And lots of potential interest in custom orders.



A co-worker facetimed me during the day to buy one and I traded salon credit for this ‘punk AF’ pink number with the salon owner.
You know what I call that? Two sales.


I’ve been working all week to get the Etsy shop up and running (a thing they make look very easy, but trust me, it is not) and keep the momentum going.

More to come and coming soon.